Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? – The SHOCKING Truth

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In this video, you will find out whether the statement: ‘why do girls like bad boys’ holds any merit. You will also learn the exact qualities women find most attractive in men and what you should never do if you want to meet the girl of your dreams.

00:47 How girls select a potential partner.

01:41 Pros and Cons of the four main guy types so that you can see for yourself the qualities that most women would appreciate in men.

01:50 First Type: “The Nice Guy” (also known as “the keeper”, “the catch”, or the “take him to your mum” type guy).

02:47 Second Type: “The Bad Guy” (also known as “the bad boy”)

04:05 Third Type: “The Provider”.

04:42 Fourth Type: “The Leader”.

05:14 How do you become an attractive prospect in women’s eyes? – Recap of the main points.

In case you are one of the nice guy types and are wondering if you should change into a rude jerk when interacting with girls, postpone that thought and make sure to watch this entire video. You will get the answer to the following questions: Do girls like bad boys? Are bad boys sexier? Or, do nice guys finish last?

Or perhaps you are one of the bad boy type that always talk about how your mean attitude is what girls are attracted to and always pretend to have an answer to why do girls like bad boys.

In that case, this video is definitely for you. You will learn what really drives female attraction and how you can correct your attitudes towards women and, as a result, attract quality relationships and real love into your life.

Valuable advice and all the good tips provided in this video will help you to avoid making painful mistakes that would have been hard to correct otherwise.

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