Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend? | She Said To Never Contact Her Again

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Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend? | She Said To Never Contact Her Again

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To the men out there wondering, “Should I call my ex girlfriend?”, you are not alone. More often than not, the reason she said to never contact her again is because she’s lost faith in your ability to make her happy, to give her space, and now she’s gone to extremes.

If you’re in a position where you have to ask yourself, “Should I call my ex girlfriend? She said to never contact her again,” chances are your ex girlfriend had mentioned before you got this far that she needed space, that she wanted time, that she had to reassess or re-examine the current status of the relationship. And, like many people in the world, we began to panic. We had anxiety going through the roof and all we wanted to do was fix it right now, so we bombarded her, and we called her, and we texted her, and we said things, we did things, many of which we may not be too proud of right now, and we got to the point where she put her foot down and she said to never contact her again.

When she said to never contact her again many of you probably continued calling. Many of you might even be blocked right now, but we want to remind you that your situation is recoverable. You can turn this around if you listen to this one tip…


The number one thing women want from the men in their lives is to feel heard and understood. And when she asked for space once upon a time and you didn’t give it to her. And over time, she got frustrated, she got angry, and then she got more aggressive with the messages she was sending, the final one being, “I quit. I quit. I’m done. Never call me again.”

And, if you stop, and you give her this space, and you do not call for a little while, she can say “Hey, wait! He finally listened. He finally heard what I was saying.” And that is what she needs to feel if we are ever going to turn this around.

So if you are watching this video, wondering, “Should I call my ex girlfriend?”, the first thing we want you to do is take a moment and start refocusing on you. We need to give her the respect that she deserves so that she feels heard and understood. It is the only way she will let us back in to her life, into her heart, and will bring her guard down so that she can feel safe being vulnerable in this relationship again.

We know you are probably watching this video saying, “But what if she meets someone else? What if I let her go and she actually moves on?” Our response to that real common fear and real common question is, “But what happens if you don’t let her? What happens if you keep calling? What happens if you don’t give her space? Do you think we will save the relationship then? Probably not.” And Coach Natalie along with the With My Ex Again | Love Advice TV team can tell you with thousands of hours of coaching under our belt that it just doesn’t happen that way. You will not save the relationship if you don’t give her space now.

When it comes to the amount of space, that is completely relative. As you can imagine, no two relationships are the same. There are so many intricate details that make your story with her unlike any other, so we invite you to leave a comment and share your story under this video.


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