Online Dating Guide – Valentine’s Day 2017 | How To Online Date, tips & tricks, advice and more!

Valentine’s day is coming up (14th Feb 2017) so here’s a little video I did on how to online date, a short guide with some tips & tricks and advice that should help you out 🙂

Done mainly for my cousin so he COMPLETES HIS PROFILE ❤

Really just a how-to on the whole thing.

Part 1 in my Valentine’s day 2017 run of videos.

Did you ask for it? Probably not (unless you got here via search) but hooo boy you gonna hear my advice

Fake profile can be found here –

5ish podcast link (I’m about 3 minutes in) –

Skip to parts:
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Safety and privacy while online dating
2:05 – Username
2:18 – Online dating profile
4:06 – What photos should I use?
5:45 – How to message when online dating.
6:36 – Where to go for your first date.
7:30 – Conclusion, summary and outro



Personality test –
OkCupid flattery e-mail –


Online dating valentines influx:

Hi greeting:


Terminator police car chase scene –
Nuke footage –
Deadpool trailer –
Crazy ex-girlfriend intro –

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