Juice Cup Review / Man Bod / Dating Issues Pt 2

Hey, Y’all! Join me here to discover delicious High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) Raw Vegan (HCLFRV) recipes from my kitchen, plus heaps of health tips and advice to inspire you on your low-fat raw vegan journey.

I made the decision more than 10 years ago to switch to a low-fat raw vegan diet. Changing my food intake healed me from a host of diseases. Along the way I lost 86 lbs. and even changed my eye color! Not to mention my outlook on life and life itself has never been more vibrant! As a High Carb Low Fat Raw Vegan coach and mentor, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their health goals on a low-fat raw vegan diet.

Every week I take you inside my kitchen and pantry to share my favorite High Carb Low Fat Raw Vegan meals and snacks. I also dish out personal advice and tricks I’ve learned about how to start and stay on a low-fat raw vegan diet—everything from what’s my favorite blender (see below), to how to adapt your High Carb Low Fat Raw Vegan for busy days.

My goal is to give you the support you need to succeed wherever you are on your health and nutrition journey—whether you are transitioning toward becoming vegetarian or vegan, becoming HCLF, or becoming HCLF Raw Vegan. Most importantly, I’m here to empower you to live and love more freely.

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