Don’t Lose Yourself In A Relationship | How To Be Your Own Person | Relationship Advice

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Are you losing yourself in your relationship and are busy keeping it alive, rather than actually working on your own happiness? Are you being your own person in this relationship?!

Most people are not and this can not only be detrimental for the success of your relationship but for your entire life design. It is so important that we learn how not to lose ourselves so we can show up as the best version of ourselves and create a great life for us and our partner, friends, and family.

Your partner is not supposed to be your solution – ever. We wanna look in the same direction going for our individual and mutual goals and supporting each other in fulfilling them. Our partner should never be the solution for the emptiness in our lives.

I have been there and I have done it so I know what I am talking about – but it is always a dead end. So take some time and study the things I talk about in today’s video so you can change dynamics and start living your Epic Life on Your Terms today.

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