Dating Tips #19 – When You’re TOO NICE in Dating Relationships You Always Lose

This video explains why being a pushover or a doormat in your dating relationships is the wrong approach. If your goal is to have a man respect and adore you, you must become comfortable with giving to men only when they reciprocate and appreciate it..

In my mind, one of the chief problems women have in relationships is that they give too much to men without demanding reciprocation. Therefore, the concept of women being “a nice girl”, drilled into our heads from infancy, needs to die.

Ladies, you must stand up for yourself, establish firm boundaries with men for how you will be treated and talked to, and stop believing that “being nice” without expecting anything in return wins you points in the dating world. It won’t!

Men are not women, and they will see being “a nice woman” as being a weak woman, easy to use and manipulate. When you are “too nice” it translates into you being someone that is overly compliant, placating, a people-pleaser type. You willingly and quickly sacrifice your own needs and desires for those of other people, which ultimately leaves you feeling not only depleted, but resentful, unappreciated, and used.

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