Dating Advice for Teens (watch if you are INTJ/INTP/ENTJ/ENTP)

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Men aren’t very emotionally expressive, females like it romantic, so many “Advices” we hear based on gender, are very wrong, we tend to believe them as we grow into this world seeing that there are physical differences between females and males, since we were young. This is why many dating advices are based on the “differences” between men and women and we tend to believe them because of the differences we always so. But many of us start thinking of the other gender as a completely different creature, books like women are from venus and men are from mars, are very best selling ass it satisfies our image of each other being different, we are, but not that different, we all care about paying our bills and our jobs at the end of the day. Dating is going to go a lot easier and more spontaneously after you watch this video, because all these “professional dating advices do, is complicate it even more for you.

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