Brutally Honest Marriage & Dating Advice For Women & How Men Can Also Choose A Woman

Women, it starts with you. Many of you are wondering how to know if he is the right guy for marriage. Have you ever thought that maybe he’s wondering how to choose the right woman to marry ? So, instead of buying a 300 page book of fluff on how to pick the right man for marriage, it’s time to for a brutally honest 10 minute video of advice which your Father & Mother would dare not share with you instead of platitudes dealing with what to look for in a guy to marry.

That said, this video does touch somewhat on how to know if you found the right guy, but emphasizes how to keep him more so.Women, you’ll see what men want in a woman as well as how to treat your husband with respect if you’re already married or going to marry.The importance of how a wife should treat her husband is highlighted and ultimately points to how to treat your husband, or potential husband with respect