ASPIE MEN | The Dangers of Dating Advice & PUA for Men w/ Aspergers

Aspie men can often turn to poor dating advice without even knowing it. Unfortunately the PUA (Pick Up Artist) Industry and other forms of Men’s Self-help give advice to men on meeting women with the intention of dating and they do not take into consideration people with Aspergers or Autism. In my small amount of research on this I have also noticed there are some great tools on dating with Aspergers that are very good, but there are also a lot of Aspie guys who enter into the dating industry without knowing they have Aspergers or are in denial of it. This is where it can get dangerous.

Give the video a watch and let me know what you think. In comments of previous videos or you can email me if you have any questions

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Steve Mayeda is a Men’s Coach in Austin TX. He specializes in Dating and Relationships, Addiction and High level emotional issues. He’s a BJJ, Wim Hof and Wujifa practitioner.

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