7 Dating Tips For Foreign Men That Work Best With Beautiful Ukrainian Women

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7 Dating Tips For Foreign Men That Work Best With Beautiful Ukrainian Women

First dates tend to make most people nervous, but you can remove some problems by planning out what to do — and, perhaps even more importantly, what not to do.

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To help you out, here are the top 10 first date mistakes, so you can learn it and impress your beautiful Ukrainian lady:

1. Being Late.
2. Appearing Cheap.
3. Dominating The Conversation.
4. Coming On Too Strongly.
5. Talking About Your Ex.
6. Having Bad Breath Or Body Odour.
7. Not Caring How Your Date Gets Home.

However your date goes, basic decency dictates that you should take steps to ensure that your date gets home safely.

Walk her to car or door (without pressure to come inside) is a nice gesture, as is asking her to confirm she gets home safely.

Even if you won’t be seeing your date again or you’ve been rebuffed, that’s no reason to act like she’s suddenly dead to you.

Do the kind thing and make sure she arrives home in one piece.

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