#44 Mastering Online Dating (2500 Tinder Matches & 1st Date Tips) Engagements, Breakups & Abortions

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SDL Podcast #44: “Mastering Online Dating (2500 Tinder Matches & 1st Date Tips), Engagements, Breakups & Deep Emotional / Trauma Healing Therapy from Abortions with Dolan Ramsay in this special Vday Relationship Mini-Series Ep #2.

If you are single this past valentines day, (or want to soon be single 😉 this is an episode to check out on how to match and meet your future partner via apps like Tinder, Bumble and the many others…

We went VERY deep into unexpected territory in this raw & authentic conversation that many people experience, but don’t talk about…at least publically (but that is what my show is about, deep personal development conversations)

Dolan is a friend of mine from Vancouver who has been on 25 different dating apps, had 2500 matches and 1000’s of conversations and connections with women all over the world.

He also runs a very successful 7 figure business and we talk about dating challenges for busy professionals.

PS Both of us just unexpectedly shared deep, personal & private experiences such as engagement break ups & abortions that we have not shared anywhere else.

We did not plan on sharing any of this but we decided to still release this unedited episode in an attempt to create a space and healing for others to do the same because when you talk about issues like this, that is 1/2 of the healing.

PPS Google “Rachels Vinyard” for support and therapy for anyone who has experienced the physical and emotional pain from an abortion.

If anyone needs to reach out to chat, both of us are accredited coaches/counselors and here to support you if you feel the need to connect about anything confidentially via PM either of us and def follow what Dolan is doing in his personal development businesses.

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Thanks & enjoy this intense & in-depth interview &
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