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Dating with bipolar disorder can be difficult. The fear of rejection puts us in an extremely vulnerable position. Dating is supposed to be fun, but when you live with bipolar disorder, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking. That’s why I’m sharing 3 tips for dating with bipolar disorder.

1. Do not reveal your diagnosis of bipolar on the first couple of dates

A lot of people have a different opinion on this, and please share your thoughts in the comment section. However, in my experience with dating as someone living with bipolar 2, revealing our diagnosis of bipolar can cause unnecessary anxiety. The first couple dates are about getting to know each other as individuals. It alludes to the idea that we feel ashamed and want to warn the person ahead of time.

You are an individual living with bipolar disorder. Allow someone to get to know you as an individual before bringing them into a personal part of your life.

2. Be yourself, be confident and be ready to start dating

When you live with bipolar disorder having the right mindset when dating is very important. We want to make sure we feel good about ourselves and have accepted our diagnosis before dating. Daily, I read quotes and affirmations on Pinterest that encourage me to date with a confident attitude.

3. Be Prepared When Going On Dates

When I first started dating after revealing my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder, I wrote a list of the things I like to do; my aspirations and qualities of myself that I embrace. It lessens anxiety when going on a date. Stigma surrounds us and can be distracting but if we prepare we are less likely to be affected by it.

Always remind yourself that you are deserving of love. You have something to offer another person. It’s a challenge and you should be proud of yourself for taking that first step.

What is your experience with dating and bipolar disorder? Share your thoughts below or do a response video and send it into info@healthyplace.com. See you next week! Hannah


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